Short visit to RSCH: a great milestone in my career as a urologist

Wed, 29 Jun 2011

My name is Tamer Abou Youssif and I come from Alexandria, Egypt. During my residency at Alexandria university, I was trained on many urologic procedures including open and endoscopic procedures

My areas of interest are urologic oncology, and endourology. During my career, I have always endeavored to upgrade my knowledge and practice in the field of urologic oncology by approaching of some up to date management protocols and apply them in my community.

As you know laparoscopy became an important tool for the management of many urologic tumors. In renal, adrenal and prostatic tumors, laparoscopic management became the standard of care. However, due to limited resources in my University we have limited experience in this field. My vision was to master this technique and to train junior staff in my department to be able to use laparoscopy as a minimally invasive tool in their management.

My EUSP short visit, on 17 November-8 December 2010 in Royal Surrey Country Hospital (RSCH) , Guildford, UK was a very fruitful and unforgettable experience.

Choosing Professor Christopher Eden didn’t come randomly, as he is the most experienced laparoscopic urologist in UK with an experience of over 1,500 laparoscopic prostatectomies. moreover working in a leading hospital like RSCH gave me new acquaintances.

My typical day began in the operative room... I obtained a great deal of experience in endourology and laparoscopy, especially those in the field of prostatic carcinoma

Professor Eden welcomed me on my arrival and showed me the department and its activities. I attended with him many laparoscopic radical prostatectomies, and prostatic biopsies. He was a great tutor and instructor to me. I was amazed how a surgeon can perform such procedures at ease and high expertise. I realised that to achieve this, you have to rely on a good health system that provides you with all the instrumentations and machines at your disposables whenever you need it.

At the hospital, I was introduced to all the nurses, externs, interns, the consultants and the professors. I had the tumor board every Tuesday with the interns and professors, checking all the patients, discussing their reports and their plan of management.

I also attended the outpatient clinic with Professor Eden and learned how to discuss with the patient about his disease, his treatment options and how to follow him up afterwards.

My encounter with the interns was not just in the field of work, I got to be friends with all of them. We used to go out sometimes. I would never forget Anthony for his nice support and friendship and Phill for his encouraging guidance.

I extend my gratitude to all senior staff, junior urologists and residents at RSCH. Although the training period has passed, the partnerships and friendships built will last.

As I have never been to Great Britain before, therefore going to this country was a completely new experience for me on all levels. My visit also included sight seeing of the marvelous and wonderful city of Guildford and London. I enjoyed every part of it.

Finally, I would like to thank the EUSP for giving me this opportunity to enhance my field of expertise, my skills and my knowledge that I know I will practice when I go back to my institute. I really gained a lot, especially from Professor Eden and his team, and I think I would recommend this visit to many of my colleagues back home.