Social Media at the 28th Annual EAU Congress

Thu, 28 Feb 2013

This year’s congress will place great emphasis on using social media to interact with participants. The EAU Twitter feed will feature continual updates, live reporting from the different sessions and photos. The Facebook page will host smaller articles, links and photo galleries of the events.

The screens outside of the session rooms, which display information on the current speaker and the schedule of the session, will also feature live tweets from delegates and the EAU. This will keep you informed of new developments and what your colleagues are talking about. Similarly, in addition to the usual announcements, reminders and meeting promotion, tweets will be displayed on the session rooms’ screens during breaks.

The power of Twitter can be found in its interactive qualities: by using keywords, delegates can offer their own observations and engage in conversations. The keyword the EAU will be using to indicate coverage of the 28th Annual Congress is #eau13, as well as topical ones like #urology or #prostate. Searching for these words on Twitter will show other people talking about the congress.

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