Sunday Congress highlight: ESU laparoscopy for beginners

Thu, 7 Feb 2013

The congress Sunday will be far from a day of leisure – 21 sessions will be taking place simultaneously, and you will most certainly find the topics which are relevant to your area of sub-specialisation. Much is expected of this day’s Plenary session on upper urinary tract diseases and the series of Thematic sessions, with cover a range of topics – from paediatric urology to minimally invasive surgery and its limitations.A large part of the programme will be taken up by the courses and hands-on trainings organised by the European School of Urology. One of the main objectives of the ESU programme is to provide the participants with information that is highly practical and is geared to their level of expertise. These courses are always small-scale and have a narrow focus, allowing for an effective interaction of the faculty and the participants.

One such course – and a very popular one with congress delegates – is “Laparoscopy for beginners”. Chaired by Mr. Adrian Joyce (Leeds, UK). According to the organisers, there is a high need for this course today.

“Urologists interested in undertaking laparoscopy must be properly trained in order to minimise the risk of potential complications and to ensure patient safety. Currently training in urological laparoscopy is limited due to several factors: a shortage of designated training centres and recognised trainers, the lack of appropriate facilities as well as limitations of equipment, expertise or support. All of which restrict the trainee from access to high quality training.”

This course aims to provide the potential trainee with the recognised core knowledge with regard to case selection, correct use of the equipment and imaging systems. Additionally, important protocols for accessing and exiting the abdomen are discussed, including how to recognise and avoid potential complications prior to starting with the skills acquisition.

The central highlight of the course is the use of video clips to illustrate many of the essential points and to promote discussion amongst the delegates.

The course will take place on Sunday, 17 March 2013, from 12:00 to 14:00 in Green Hall 3 on Level N-1. You can register for this course during your online registration for the congress or onsite. Additional fees apply for all ESU courses.