Supporting our urological community in Turkey

In response to the devasting earthquakes that struck southern and central Turkey and northern and western Syria on 6 February, the European Association of Urology (EAU) wanted to offer their support and unity to affected members and colleagues within the urological community in some way.

Thu, 6 Apr 2023
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The earthquakes caused massive damage and loss of life, particularly in the Hatay Province. In collaboration with the Turkish Association of Urology (TAU) it was possible for the EAU to donate to a good cause in this region.

With a monetary donation from the EAU, the TAU was able to purchase and transport a 7x3m polyurethane filled sandwich panel container consisting of two rooms, a kitchen, a toilet and a shower to provide accommodate to medical residents at Mustafa Kemal University Antioch (Antakya) so that they could continue their vital medical work.

“We do realise that thoughts and prayers are not enough and hope by this gesture we can actually make a difference for some at least. The need and importance of collegial support within the urological world is vital”, stated Prof. Chris Chapple (GB), past Secretary General of the EAU.

Honorary President of TAU Dr. Ateş Kadıoğlu, and President of TAU Dr. Volkan Tuğcu, expressed their gratitude to the EAU for their support at this extremely difficult time. “On behalf on Turkish Association of Urology we would like to thank the EAU, Prof. Chapple and Prof. Arnulf Stenzl for their support during this tragedy.”

The EAU and TAU’s partnership demonstrated the importance of solidarity and support within the urological community. In a time of crisis, actions such as these help build bridges of compassion and support between medical communities around the globe. If you would like to donate in some way to further assist our urological community in Turkey you can contact TAU directly via email.