The Congress Gift: Joaquín Albarrán

Sat, 12 Apr 2014

This year, the Congress Gift comes from the EAU History Office. In addition to the latest edition of De Historia Urologiae Europaeae, delegates are invited to pick up a copy of the biography of a hugely influential urologist. Dr. Marlene Fernández Arias paints a vivid portrait of the Joaquín Albarrán and his works.

The original Spanish-language edition of this book was published in 2012 on the occasion of the centenary of Joaquín Albarrán’s passing. This 2014 translation features new research and additional materials prepared by the EAU History Office. Dr. Fernández was a guest of the EAU History Office during the Congress, attending various sessions and the working meeting on Saturday morning.

Joaquín Albarrán was a comprehensive scientist: professor, surgeon, innovator, clinician, pathologist, histologist, physiologist, bacteriologist and historian. He achieved such excellence in each of these fields that it is difficult to conceive that a work of such magnitude is the result of a single individual.

Of Cuban birth, and educated in Spain, Albarrán’s scientific genius developed and flourished in France. Few know that Albarrán was the most renowned and admired urologist in his time. In a single figure were combined - in wonderful harmony - the illustrious researcher, brilliant teacher, the skilful surgeon, the faithful friend, the good father, and the patriot who was described as “the best of our people in Paris” by Cuban intellectual José Martí.

You can pick up your copy at the EAU Booth in the Exhibition Hall.