Update on EAU RF Magnolia trial: Recruitment figures

Wed, 19 Dec 2012

The EAU Research foundation’s randomised Phase II clinical trial MAGNOLIA trial explores the effect and safety of the MAGE-A3 Antigen Specific Cancer Immunotherapy as adjuvant treatment in patients after radical cystectomy. The MAGNOLIA trial is the EAU RF’s most recent project. It will be initiated in ten European countries.

So far, patient recruitment has started at sites in Germany (9), France (6), Spain (11), Italy (4), the Netherlands (3), Poland (3) and the Czech Republic (4). Sixteen sites are still awaiting initiation in Germany (2), Italy (2), Romania (3), Russia (5), and Ukraine (4).

As of now, 181 ICF’s were signed and 139 tissue samples were sent to the central lab for confirmation of MAGE-A3 expression. Of these 58% were positive for MAGE-A3, which is higher than expected. 24 out of 72 patients with MAGE A3 positive results have been randomised. We expect to randomise 273 patients within 2 years. Actual figures will be continuously updated on our website.

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