Urologists have always been at the forefront of innovation. Now it's time to lead the data-driven transformation.

Using cutting-edge Big Data analytics techniques and, where appropriate, explainable artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, the EAU UroEvidenceHub data science teams will be able to analyse high-quality and anonymised data. The goal is to break down the complexity of urological conditions, better understand the determinants of patient outcomes, and make urology fit for new challenges in healthcare.

Wed, 8 Mar 2023 • UroEvidenceHub
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Data Haven

Urology has always been at the forefront of innovation, embracing new technology and data. A new approach to knowledge exchange within the medical community is required to succeed. Part of the UroEvidenceHub is the Data Haven, which aims to become the largest urology database by collecting large volumes of RWE in a transparent and secure way, following the most rigorous privacy standards, across the spectrum of urological diseases (cancer and benign).

The Data Haven is a newly developed data capture and analytics platform for urology and related medical disciplines:

  • Hosting high quality longitudinal prospective data
  • Featuring high-level technical environments to collect, harmonize and exploit data in a secure and federated manner.

Interoperable and interconnected

The Data Haven is an interoperable and secure platform envisions connecting with federated data networks, hub nodes and databases from other relevant data initiatives such as DARWIN EU (Data Analysis and Real World Interrogation Network) and EHDS (European Health Data Space).

Also, National Societies/Associations are invited to collaborate. Apart from data providers and data users, stakeholders from academia, data science and IT companies, patient organisations, regulatory bodies and pharma/medtech companies will be invited to contribute leading to a tight-knit Ecosystem of Excellence.