Urology Week 2012 launched on Monday

Tue, 18 Sep 2012

The annual Urology Week opens this week with a line-up of public information campaign activities, to be held in various European cities, including press meetings, free ultrasonography and consultations, TV interviews with urologists and educational information for primary and secondary schools, among other events.

The European Association of Urology (EAU) is among the organisations leading the Urology Week activities in line with its goal to properly inform people and urology patients of the various urological conditions and diseases that impact public healthcare.

Last week the EAU launched its new project – the EAU Patient Information that aims to offer clear and reliable information on urological diseases in plain language. Currently, the information is available in English, Dutch, Finnish, Slovenian and Turkish. Italian, Polish and Arabic versions will be published in the next few months. For the pilot, basic information on kidney and ureteral stones are presented in the website.

“We believe that national societies, and individual groups, can make a huge contribution to the awareness of stone disease. Not many societies have an opportunity to organise a large public event, so we recommend the societies to make contact with as many urology departments in the country as possible and organise a series of seminars on the topic of kidney and urinary stones,” according to the EAU.

For this week and the rest of September, various countries in the region and elsewhere are focusing on informing their patients of urological diseases particularly prostate cancer, kidney stones, incontinence and bladder diseases, to name a few.

Scheduled Events

A selection of the registered events and activities that will be held in the next few days across Europe:

  • Finland: Promotion of Patient Information via newspaper articles
  • Poland: Campaign during the whole week including the launch of Patient Information
  • Belgium: Press conference and event at the European Parlement in Brussels with a model of a ‘giant prostate’
  • Germany: Become a urologist for a day at the DGU
  • Switzerland: A blue fountain in Geneva during Prostate Cancer week
  • The Netherlands: Patient information day introducing EAU Patient Information on 22 September

Other regions:

  • Iran: Attention for Urology Week the whole week in several hospitals and clinics
  • India: Free consultation and surgery for stone patients throughout Urology Week at Dev Hospital in Rajkot
  • Kyrgyzstan: Several events and activities during this week
  • Pakistan: Stone disease day on 18 September

For a complete overview of events, and everything related to Urology Week, please visit the EAU's Urology Week website >