Van Poppel receives Francisco Diaz Medal

Wed, 7 Oct 2015

Prof. Hein Van Poppel, EAU Adjunct Secretary General for Education, won the Francisco Díaz Medal, the highest honour given by the Asociación Española de Urología (AEU), for his lifetime dedication and consistent contributions to international urology.

An honour jointly granted by the AEU and the Fundació Puigvert since 1972, the award commemorates the achievements of Spanish physician Francisco Díaz (1527-1590), considered in Spain as the ‘Father of Urology’ and the lead author of the first urological treatise published in medical history.

In a press statement, the AEU said the award recognises the singular and lifetime achievement of leading and pioneering urologists who have significantly contributed to urological advances in academic and clinical research, education and healthcare.

During the awarding ceremonies, Van Poppel expressed his gratitude to his mentors and colleagues who have supported him through the years and mentioned the dynamic role that Spanish urology played in the region. He was selected by panels from the AEU and the Fundació Puigvert which cited his significant achievements in the last two decades in boosting European urology through education and research.

The honour is given every three years. Previous and recent awardees from the EAU were Claude Schulman (BE), Urs Studer (Bern, CH ), Frans Debruyne (Nijmegen, NL) en Richard E. Hautmann (Ulm, DE).