PRAISE-U Consortium

PRAISE-U established a multi-disciplinary consortium of 25 institutions from 12 Member States centred around Europe’s leading clinicians and researchers in prostate cancer.

The consortium includes experts on prostate cancer and decision making, and a network of hospitals, medical societies, patient advocates and national authorities. The consortium members have the responsibility of coordinating joint action, building upon screening efforts, and contributing big data on prostate cancer from pilot sites in Spain, Poland, Ireland, and Lithuania. The pilot sites will play a crucial role in the needs assessment and state of play report of Work Package 2 (WP2). They will also contribute to and benefit from the development of a screening model by Work Package 3 (WP3) and, on that basis, develop a local implementation plan.

Pilot Sites

  1. Poland
    The Polish pilot focuses on exploring the needs of setting up a screening programme where little infrastructure currently exists.
  2. Ireland
    The Irish pilot focuses on streamlining opportunistic testing within suggested screening interval.
  3. Spain (Galicia region)
    Galician pilot focuses on the feasibility of the risk-based approach, including psychosocial effects.
  4. Spain (Manresa)
    The focus of the Manresa pilot is on assessing compliance, particularly when primary HCPs are involved in the invitation process.
  5. Lithuania
    The focus of the Lithuania pilot is, with a PSA-based population screening with certain risk-stratification in place, to align the algorithms with the one proposed by the PRAISE-U project and formalizing the invitation system.


In direct partnership with a network of consortium members, PRAISE-U works to encourage early detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer through customised and risk-based screening programmes.