Difference between “growers” and “showers” revealed

A scientific definition to determine whether a man’s erection can be deemed a "grower " or a "shower" has been produced by researchers.

Sun, 12 Mar 2023

The findings are presented today at the European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress in Milan.

Urologists based at three hospitals and a clinic in Madrid conducted ultrasound scans on 225 men in both flaccid and then erect states.

The researchers, led by Dr Manuel Alonso-Isa, a urologist at the University Hospital HM Puerta del Sur in Madrid, Spain, had hoped to find factors among the men that would predict if they fell into one of these categories, which could be used to help make surgical decisions.

“It is important to be able to predict if a patient is a grower or a shower as when we see them, they are usually in a flaccid state,” he said. “If they grow a lot when they get an erection, it might mean they need a different surgical approach compared to someone who doesn’t grow much.”