EAU Book Collection

In addition to the EAU Guidelines and our journals, we publish several books through the EAU History Office, in collaboration with the ICUD or through the EAU Section Office. These books are often printed by the EAU in limited runs to coincide with the Annual Congress. Many of these books are available digitally on UROsource.com.

De Historia Urologiae Europaeae

De Historia is a long-running annual publication by the EAU History Office. It has been continuously published for EAU Members since 1993. A new volume is presented at every Annual EAU Congress, featuring new research into the history of urology, pioneering urologists and other topics. Members can collect the latest copy at the EAU Booth. Every edition is available on UROsource.com, including an index featuring every chapter.

Other History Office books

Over the years the EAU History Office has published a number of books as congress gifts. These are focused on one particular topic (a biography or a period of time) and can also examine the role of urology and urology-related phenomena in the world culture – literature, art, national customs and traditions.

The EAU Classical Library series includes seven truly unique publications. They are based on an in-depth historical research of urology-related subjects, featuring ancient, medieval and modern texts – many of which have been translated into English for the very first time.

ICUD and Medical Textbooks

The EAU has worked together with the International Consultation on Urological Diseases (ICUD), regularly publishing an overview of a major urological condition. Certain EAU sections have also published textbooks.


Most publications are available digitally through UROsource. EAU members have free access. Print editions of De Historia can be back-ordered (€20 for members, €25 for non-members, bulk discounts offered).

Other publications still available while stocks last, (€10 apiece):

  • Urine: Urination, Catheterisation, Collection, the Liquid White Gold
  • From Ornamentation to Mutilation: Genital Decorations and Cultural Operations in the Male
  • The Phallus in Art & Culture
  • Joaquin Albarran: The life and Scientific Passion of a medical Genius
  • Sexological and Other Less Logical Stories: A tale of love, lust and the living body
  • Europe - the Cradle of Urology

Please send us an e-mail with your request and we can give you an indication of shipping charges.