The first edition of European Urology Today

The roots of European Urology Today can be traced to the 9th EAU Congress in Amsterdam in 1990. The promotional Congress Newsletters of 1989 and 1990 gave way to on-site editions of the newly established European Urology Today.

The first regular edition was published in the spring of 1991 and featured a summary of the most important topics discussed at the 1990 Congress, as well as submitted letters and opinion pieces.

Particularly in this first edition, there was a lot of reflecting on the future of European urology, now that the German society had absorbed the former East German members, and urologists in the former communist countries were seeking assistance and closer ties with the West. There are also calls from urologists from former Eastern bloc countries asking for support in arranging educational exchanges and scholarships, warning that the gap in levels of care could widen in the coming years if action was not taken on a European level.

Even after thirty years, one can see a remarkable continuity in topics, sections and sometimes also authors.