Virtual ESU Course delivers BPH fundamentals in Baghdad

21 November 2020 Prof. Nibbras Al-Hamdani, Iraqi Urology Association

Through an initiative and policy established by Urology Beyond Europe, the European Association of Urology (EAU) has formed numerous collaborations with urology societies within and beyond Europe. One of these notable collaborations is with the Iraqi Urology Association (IUA).

For more than 10 years now and through the European School of Urology (ESU), renowned experts share their valuable insights and experience during ESU Courses which take place during IUA’s national congresses. This year, the ESU Course was redesigned to fit the extraordinary COVID-19 situation.

ESU Course on BPH
Despite travel restrictions and postponement/ cancellation of many scientific congresses, the IUA and ESU remained enthusiastic and driven to continue with the course programme. The typically on-site ESU Course was adapted as a virtual event instead and took place on 20 November 2020.

The virtual ESU course “Recent advancements in treatment of BPH” was comprised of presentations by Prof. Dr. Sascha Ahyai (DE) and Dr. Panagiotis Kallidonis (GR), and attended by more than 85 Iraqi urologists.

Prof. Ahyai kickstarted the course with an overview of ESU’s aims and objectives, followed by an informative lecture on anatomical enucleation as part of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) treatment.

Lively deliberations between the ESU and local faculty members took place during an interactive case discussion, which was preceded by an informative presentation of Prof. Kallidonis on the tips and tricks in laser enucleation.

Prof. Ahyai proceeded with the enumeration and discussions on the new technologies in BPH management. His lecture was followed by a presentation by Prof. Kallidonis on the tips and tricks for minimally-invasive surgical enucleation of the prostate demonstrating both laparoscopic and robotic procedures.

All ESU Course presentations were succeeded by a question-and-answer activities to further expound on the topics discussed.

The ESU course concluded with another interactive case discussion between the ESU Course and local faculty members.

“The course was a fantastic programme of BPH education.”

Impressions from the Board
Members of the ESU Board were asked what their impressions were of the ESU Course. Prof. Prokar Dasgupta (GB) stated, “The course was a fantastic programme of BPH education which I think is a hot topic since there so many new technologies emerging and trials being conducted. The course was an excellent way to enhance the friendship between the ESU and Iraqi urologists.”

According to Prof. Andrea Minervini (IT), the new technologies featured were interesting especially from a scientific point of view.

Prof. Jens Rassweiler (DE) added, “I think the ESU Course was very helpful. It introduced the benefits of bipolar enucleation such as cost-effectiveness.”

Prof. Jeroen Van Moorselaar (NL) said, “The ESU Course programme and the virtual format was very good. We can still use this even after the COVID-19 period ends.”

Prof. Hein Van Poppel (BE) concluded, “It was a good course. Congratulations to the staff and faculty for adapting the course so quickly and efficiently.”

From a personal standpoint, the ESU Course was organised and delivered well. To experience it as a virtual event for the first time taught us the benefits of organising future events with either a virtual or hybrid format.

We would like to express our sincerest appreciation to EAU Secretary General Prof. Chris Chapple (GB), ESU Chair Prof. Joan Palou (ES), Mrs. Jacobijn Sedelaar-Maaskant (NL) and Mrs. Kristel Klein Hesselink (NL) for their immense effort and support which made the ESU Course a success.

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