Our Partners

We develop and maintain close relations with the following independent international European urological or urology-related sub and super specialty organisations:

Exchange Programmes

The EAU maintains close relations with national urological organisations in and outside Europe. Together with these associations, the EAU organises the International Academic Exchange Programmes. Looking for a national society in your country? Check the listing of addresses of national societies of urology that we collaborate with.

The International Academic Exchange Programmes aim to serve young academic urologists through sharing of knowledge and experiences. The programmes promote the exchange of urological skills and expertise, and provide outstanding or promising junior faculty members the chance to interact with colleagues in other countries. Collaboration contributes to medical advances and this exchange is designed to facilitate such opportunities. Aside from fostering closer alliances with urological communities, the programme also helps identify future leaders in European urology.

For every exchange programme, several delegates (in some cases accompanied by a senior advisor) visit one to four different host institutions and participate in the annual congress of the different urological societies. We offer Exchange Programmes with the following countries:

EAU Support Fund

In 2000, the EAU Board founded the Support Fund which aims to provide medical equipment to urological facilities with insufficient finances. For over a decade now, the EAU Support Fund has provided urological equipment to Georgia, Macedonia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Ukraine, among other countries. Contributions were also made to earthquake victims in Turkey and China.

The Support Fund does not donate money but sends urological equipment produced by Karl Storz and Olympus. Our long-standing relation with these equipment manufacturers enables us to provide this service. To benefit from the EAU Support Fund, urologists may submit a request for funding to the EAU through their national urological society (endorsement by a national urological society). Personal applications are not accepted. All requests submitted are evaluated by the EAU Board and the applicant and national urological society involved will be informed of the decision.

Urological facilities may apply for a maximum donation of €15,000 per application. Each year a maximum of one institution per country is accepted to give all countries equal opportunity to benefit from the fund. A recurring problem is the lack of knowledge and maintenance of the materials by the recipients. To avoid this, a representative of the country is required to coordinate the specific needs and check whether maintenance can be carried out by the recipients. Requests may be submitted to the EAU Support Fund to the attention of Ms. Emily Spieker.