Apply now: AI-models, deep learning and RWD for oncology research project

09 December 2021

To encourage innovation and pioneering research in treatments for genitourinary (GU) cancer patients, the European Urological Scholarship Programme (EUSP) is proud to announce a new collaboration with the EAU Sections of Onco-Urology (ESOU), Urological Research (ESUR) and the EAU Research Foundation (EAU-RF). This project will be supported by an educational grant of AstraZeneca.

About the project

How can real world data (RWD), advanced RWD analytics, and AI models drive new knowledge generation and identify knowledge gaps in the management of uro-oncological disease? What new digital possibilities exist that can optimise personalisation of treatment? Collecting data, processing high-dimensional data across datasets and sources, and using deep learning to identify to enable personalised treatments for individual GU cancer patients, is what this fellowship is about.

The fellowship will focus on how the use of new techniques in data collection, data harmonisation, analysis and visualisation will impact innovative research and education in the field of uro-oncology. Potential collaboration with innovative projects such as PIONEER and OPTIMA, the clinical trials, and registries of the EAU-RF can be part of the project.

Applicants are invited to find a suitable host institute where the research project can be performed, such as the Academic Urology Unit of Aberdeen University which can the option to access the university’s Data Science Centre including Grampian Data Safe Haven (DaSH) and Industrial Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research in Digital Diagnostics (ICAIRD). For an overview of EUSP certificate centres, please click here.


The scholar will receive a grant of €45,000. The duration of the fellowship is one (1) year.

Expenses have to be justified by a well-documented budget which is to be included with each application. The budget should comprise of the estimated costs of living, travel expenses for one round trip, limited refunds for continuing expenses in the home country (e.g. such as the continuation of insurances and other costs for which documentation can be presented).


The scholar is required to present a report which should include the following:

  • The clinical or scientific achievement
  • Impressions of the host institution
  • Evaluation of the provisions that have been made by the host institution for the successful conduct of the (research) project

At the end of the scholarship, the scholar is required to submit a summary report of his/her work (a minimum of 10 pages), and a printed copy of the publication(s) that resulted from the project. The publication(s) should be accepted for presentation at an international meeting in urology and published in the abstract book relating to the meeting.

Criteria for eligibility

  • The applicant should be a certified urologist or urologist in training aged under 40 years of age
  • The applicant should have at least three (3) PubMed publications
  • Membership of the EAU is mandatory
  • Ethical approval of the project is mandatory

How to apply

To apply for the project, please fill out this application form. Please note that the following documents should be sent by e-mail to the EUSP office via

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • List of PubMed publications only (please include the PubMed ID numbers)
  • Motivation letter
  • Recommendation letter from at least two (2) senior urologists from the country where the applicant is currently residing. The recommendation letter should be on the letterhead paper of the institute.
  • Confirmation letter from the host. The letter should be on the letterhead paper of the institute.
  • A detailed project description including a timeframe. Please visit the YAU website where a Project Proposal Proforma can be downloaded and used as a template.
  • A detailed budget

The deadline for applications is 15 January 2022.

To know more about the projects or to submit your application, please send an email to the EUSP office via

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