Call for applications: Scholarship for pioneer COVID-19 projects

19 November 2020

The European Urological Scholarship Programme (EUSP) is proud to announce a new collaboration with the EAU Section of Andrological Urology (ESAU) and ReproUnion to encourage pioneering research on the effects of COVID-19 on urological patients.

The EUSP, ESAU and ReproUnion are searching for two post-doc/PhD fellows to take part in one of the two projects themed “Impact of the human virome on male reproductive health – lessons learned from COVID-19 pandemia”.

About the projects

The projects will focus on research with the possibility of clinical/surgical training in andrology. A scholarship grant of up to € 30,000 is bestowed per fellow for a period of one year, with a possibility of a one-year extension and a scholarship grant of up to € 20,000 for one of the two fellows.

As a participant, you will have exclusive access to cutting-edge research tools available to ReproUnion such as registries, large-patient cohorts and biobanks in the Nordic countries as ReproUnion is comprised of a network of 13 clinical and research units in Denmark and Sweden centred on infertility prevention, treatment and management.

Project 1: COVID-19 and male reproductive functions
The first six months of this project will take place in Milan under the supervision of Prof. Andrea Salonia, followed by six months in Malmö under the guidance of  Prof. Dr. Aleksander Giwercman.

Project 2: Sexually transmitted viral infections and male reproductive functions
The scholars will spend six months in London for the project under the leadership of Mr. Suks Sukhbinder Minhas. Afterwards, they will proceed with the project for another six months, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Aleksander Giwercman.

Criteria for eligibility

To apply for the scholarship, you must meet the following criteria. You are:

  • An EAU member
  • A board-certified urologist
  • Younger than 40-years old
  • A published researcher with at least 1 PubMed-listed publication in the field of urology or andrology

Do you fit the profile? If so, please fill in and send your application form together with the following documents:

  1. Curriculum vitae (including a list of publications)
  2. Motivation letter stating your:
    – Project of preference
    – Clinical and scientific experience in andrology
    – Research experience (methodological skills and/or contribution to publications will be considered)
  1. Two letters of recommendation
  2. Letter from the national supervisor of the applicant certifying:
    – The applicant’s experience in methods commonly employed in andrology, and/or
    – A significant contribution to scientific publication(s)

How to apply

Deadline of applications is 31 January 2021. To know more about the projects, or to submit your application, please send an email to the EUSP office via

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