Application open: Chair of the Scientific Congress Office

20 February 2019

The EAU represents the leading authority within Europe on urological practice, research and education. Over 16,000 medical professionals have joined its ranks and help to create forward-looking solutions for continuous improvement, professional growth and knowledge sharing. The EAU delivers training, stimulates research and broadcasts information. The EAU’s scientific publications encourage discussion and its expert recommendations guide urologists in their every-day practice.

The aims and objectives of the Association are:

  • to act as the representative body for European urologists and facilitate the continued development of urology and all its superspecialities;
  • to foster the highest standards of urological care throughout Europe;
  • to encourage urological research and enable the broadcasting of its results;
  • to promote contributions to the medical and scientific literature by its members;
  • to promote European urological achievements worldwide;
  • to establish standards for training and European urological practice;
  • to contribute to the determination of European urological health care policies;
  • to disseminate high quality urological information to patients and public.

The aim of the  Scientific Congress Office is to maintain the highest scientific level for the Annual EAU Congresses. The Scientific Congress Office is composed of 2 Committees: the Scientific Congress Committee and the Video Congress Committee. The Chair of the EAU Scientific Congress Office  also acts as Chair of the Scientific Congress Committee.

The Scientific Congress Committee is responsible for composing the entire scientific programme of the Annual EAU Congress: the general outline of the congress programme, the selection of topics, reviewers, speakers as well as the selection of abstracts to be accepted and other special events. The role of the Video Congress Committee is to collect, select and support the presentation of the videos at the Annual EAU Congress and store them in the Resource Centre of the Annual EAU Congress.

The Scientific Congress Office is composed of 1 Chair and a minimum of 5 other members. Any of the EAU Executive Committee members may serve as an ex-officio member of this Office. The Scientific Congress Office also includes the chairs of the Education Office, Section Office and the Guidelines Office or a delegated member from these offices and the Editor-in-chief of European Urology. The Scientific Congress Office can at any time be assisted by a varying number of “Invited Consultants”.

The Chair shall serve a four (4)-year term, once renewable.

Position Description

  • The Chair convenes and presides over the meetings of the Office.
  • The Chair is a member of the EAU Board.
  • The Chair shall report on a regular basis to the Executive Committee and Board about the past and future activities.
  • The Chair sends out the invitations for the Office meetings.
  • The Chair is responsible for the minutes of the Office meetings.
  • The Chair is responsible for the Office’s correspondence and archives.
  • The Chair holds a list of Office members.
  • The Chair compiles an annual budget and report of expenditures of the Office.
  • The Chair, upon request, represents the EAU on all occasions in national, international and intercontinental organisations.
  • The Chair will nominate the members of his or her respective Office but the nominations will have to be approved by the Executive Committee.
  • The Chair is responsible for the promotion of the Association
  • The Chair is responsible for  developing the scientific programme of the Annual EAU Congress.
  • The Chair may not participate in any sponsored symposium at the Annual EAU Congress during his/her term of Office.

Position Qualifications/Requirements

  • Must be an Active EAU Member and be active in the practice of urology.
  • Must be fluent in English (both oral and written) as the official language of the Association is English.
  • Should have corporate/board governance experience.
  • A previous position within the EAU (e.g. panel, board or committee membership) is an advantage.
  • Must be available for frequent communication with members of the Executive, Board and EAU Central Office via email, phone conference (up to 5 hours per week commitment).
  • Must meet the travel requirement for the EAU’s and other international meetings (approximately 20 overnight stays per year):

– Appr. 2 Office meetings per year
– Max. of 2 EAU Board meetings per year
– Annual EAU Congress
– Other EAU meetings or activities (approximately 5 per year)
– EAU Lectures worldwide (upon request)

  • Should have strong operational skills combined with strategic vision; be dynamic, diplomatic, flexible and able to work under pressure; with impressive communication and language skills as he/she will operate in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Must be an effective communicator and express enthusiasm/interest in the position.
  • Must regularly compose/review correspondence, articles and reports.
  • Must comply with the EAU’s Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Policy, thereby divesting himself/herself of any governance role, consultant or advisor, paid lecturer or paid attendee with Pharma/Medical Device companies prior to and throughout the term of Office for this EAU policy-making position.
  • Must comply with applicable laws, regulations, bylaws, policies and the EAU’s Code of Ethics.


Individuals wishing to apply must submit a Curriculum Vitae along with a personal Statement of Interest indicating their understanding of the position and provide a current Disclosure/Conflict of Interest Statement. Please note that a person may not have a significant conflict as determined by the Board and Executive during his/her tenure as chair. These documents should be forwarded to the EAU at to the attention of the Chair of the Search and Nomination Committee – Prof. Chris Chapple by 24 March 2019.

The EAU Search and Nomination Committee will interview finalists for the position before the end of May 2019.

The Chair of the the Scientific Congress Office  will be nominated by the SNC. This nomination must be approved by a majority of votes of the eligible members present and voting at the General Assembly in 2020. In the meantime the chair will function ad-interim.

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