EAU Section of Urolithiasis (EULIS)

The history of EULIS goes back more than 20 years. It was originally founded as an independent society. Today, under the umbrella of the EAU, we continue to run educational programmes and organise activities for urologists working or interested in the field of urolithiasis.

What we do

Our main objective is to facilitate the advancement of knowledge, investigation and treatment of urolithiasis and to promote dialogue, research, education and training into all aspects of urinary stone disease.

To achieve this objective, we run several educational programmes – diverse in their approach and target audience. From our well-known bi-annual meeting to small workshops and patient education, we strive to generate and communicate expert knowledge in a variety of formats.

Apart from our own projects, EULIS supports international workshops, masterclasses, and international meetings on urolithiasis worldwide.

For who

EULIS activities are geared towards all EAU members and professionals specialising in the field of urolithiasis; both clinicians and researchers can benefit from our work. We also welcome all specialists who wish to increase their understanding of current approaches in the treatment of stone disease for their clinical urological practice.


This scholarship programme aims to encourage and support the young urologists to improve their skills and increase their experience in the field of endourological urinary stone management procedures such as percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PNL) and ureteroscopic management of urinary tract stones (URS).