1st EU Continence Health Summit

AN URGE TO ACT: Transforming EU Continence Health

Wed, 8 Nov 2023
OtherPolicyUrge To ActEAU Policy Office
Organiser EAU Policy Office
Venue Renaissance Hotel
Address 19 rue de Parnasse, Brussels

Urinary incontinence is a medical problem that affects a wide range of people in Europe. While older people may be most commonly affected, many other individuals also suffer from continence problems, whether they are pregnant or have just given birth, are being treated for cancer or have neurological or mental health conditions. Projected demographic changes are likely to contribute to an increase in the prevalence of continence problems in the years to come.

The Continence Health Summit on 8 November 2023 will bring stakeholders together in Brussels to work on a common purpose: underscore the need for action and provide policymakers with a policy vision that can drive tangible change.

Objectives for the event

  • To raise awareness among EU and national policymakers on Continence Health problems which is a major health issue impacting patients and their loved ones, national health systems, the economy, the environment, and society.
  • To instil the need for action by demonstrating that if Continence Health does not receive the attention it deserves and requires, incontinence will become one of the leading health problems in Europe in the years to come, impacting patients, their carers as well as national healthcare systems.
  • To build European-wide momentum towards political actions at the EU and Member State level.
  • To provide practical tools and solutions to ensure that Continence Health is high on the political agenda of all stakeholders.
  • To demonstrate strong and united stakeholder support.
  • To create an annually recurring advocacy platform.

The Programme

A broad range of experts, stakeholders and policymakers will be invited to take the floor during a two-hour policy session where the findings of a report on the socio-economic costs of continence health problems in the EU will be presented and discussed and the EU Continence Health Manifesto will be signed.

The socio-economic report aims to provide evidence of the burden of incontinence in the EU and to establish the need for action among policymakers. An estimate of the total costs of incontinence to society, the economy and the environment in the EU will be presented. The costs will include the impact on families’ and carers’ health and well-being, removal of informal carers from the workforce, incontinence-related absenteeism at work, and environmental impact of incontinence care.

After the presentation of the report the EU Continence Health Manifesto, a high-level declaration of political aspiration featuring 7-10 topline calls to action, will be signed by a core stakeholder group under the leadership of EAU, followed by a networking reception.

Opening Statements

  • Welcome
    Philip Van Kerrebroeck & Arnulf Stenzl EAU
  • Introductory remarks and setting the scene
    Co-host MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP, Finland)
  • The current NCD landscape in the EU -Stefan Schrek, Adviser for Stakeholder relations at the European Commission


15:00-15:25 CET

Session 1: Socio-economic report: An estimate of the total costs of incontinence to society, the economy and the environment in the EU

  • Presentation of the main elements of the socio-economic report and its conclusions
    Chrissy Bishop, Triangulate Health representative
  • Panel discussion
    Tiina Vaittinen, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, PI of Pad Project
    Eamonn Rogers, National Adviser in Urology in Ireland
    Claire Champeix, Eurocarers

15:25-16:10 CET

Session 2: Official presentation of the EU Continence Health Manifesto

  • Presentation of the EU Continence Health Manifesto
    Philip Van Kerrebroeck, Vice-chairman EAU Policy Office
  • Panel discussion
    Francisco Cruz, Chairman of Society for Functional Urology of the EAU
    Lynne Van Poelgeest, President of the World Federation for Incontinent Patients (WFIPP)
    John Heesakkers, ERN eUrogen representative and President of International Continence Society (ICS)
    Fred Milani, International Urogynecological Association ( IUGA) President

16:10-16:50 CET

Wrap-up and concluding remarks

  • Conclusion of the Summit and Outlook

16:50-17:00 CET

Ceremony – Renaissance Hotel

  • Manifesto signing ceremony
  • Networking drinks

17:00-18:00 CET