A discussion on the revised EAU ASCO Guidelines on penile cancer

In this podcast, the new EAU ASCO Guidelines on penile cancer are discussed. The new guidelines are a total revision of prior versions and emphasise the importance of patient representatives and early palliative care. The panel collaborated with ASCO and integrated expertise from around the world.

Published Sun, 16 Apr 2023
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This expert panel talk about diagnosis and staging, with emphasis on HPV testing and minimally invasive approaches to lymph nodes. Also, treatment of the primary tumour, with recommendations for a balanced discussion with patients and acknowledgement of the risk of recurrence. Organ-sparing surgery was recommended in cases where it is safe, with consideration for the effects on quality of life (QoL).

The conversation was led by Oscar Brouwer (NL), co-chair of the EAU ASCO Guidelines on penile cancer. He spoke with Dr. Philippe Spiess (US), Dr. Maarten Albersen (BE) and Mr. Arie Parnham (GB), all members of the penile cancer panel.

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