Recording: An update on fluorescence guided surgery

Anatomical structure recognition is key for accurate surgery. Surgical navigation applications have been studied and introduced into clinical practice.

Published Mon, 26 Oct 2020
Recorded WebinarTechnologyFluorophore
Organiser European School of Urology (ESU)
CME Not approved
Duration Approx. 50 minutes

Based on preoperative imaging radionavigation may aid in more precise anatomical localization of target tissue. A more precise localization may be obtained using fluorescent tracers. Tissue penetration of light in the near infra-red spectrum surpasses that of visual light and has therefore been used to highlight both anatomical and tumour-specific structures.

In this webinar we will discuss the basics of fluorophore use and present examples of their use in urological surgery. The future of fluorescent tracers will be highlighted.

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European School of Urology (ESU)