ASCO GU24 special: Assoc. Prof. Barata discusses the results of KEYNOTE-564 and CheckMate-914

In this podcast, UROONCO RCC chief editor Dr. Carmen Mir (ES) interviews Assoc. Prof. Pedro Barata from University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, USA, about the results of two adjuvant RCC studies: KEYNOTE-564; and CheckMate-914.

Published Sun, 4 Feb 2024
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Assoc. Prof. Barata explains the positive trial results of KEYNOTE-564, which is the first time there has been an overall survival advantage with a PD-1 inhibitor in the pure adjuvant setting in RCC. These results support adjuvant pembrolizumab as a standard of care after surgery.

CheckMate-914 explored adjuvant nivolumab monotherapy versus placebo for patients with high-risk localised RCC post-nephrectomy. The trial had negative results as it did not meet its primary endpoint of disease-free survival improvement.

In an expert analysis at ASCO GU24, Assoc. Prof. Barata presented on adjuvant treatment for RCC and the strategies on how to optimise patient selection for the new standard of care.

For more details on these trials, you can also read the abstract on KEYNOTE-564 and the abstract on CheckMate-914 on the UROONCO Kidney Cancer educational platform.

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