ASCO GU24 special: Prof. Christophe Hennequin on GETUG-AFU 18 trial results

In this EAU Podcast, UROONCO PCa associate editor Dr. Constance Thibault (FR) talks to Prof. Christophe Hennequin from Saint-Louis Hospital, France, about the GETUG-AFU 18 trial results he presented at ASCO GU24 in San Francisco.

Published Sun, 25 Feb 2024
PodcastProstate CancerASCO GU 24

Prof. Hennequin shares details on the design of the study, followed by the trial results of long-term dose escalation (80 vs 70Gy) combined with long-term androgen deprivation in high-risk prostate cancer.

For more details on this study, you can read this abstract on the UROONCO Prostate Cancer educational platform.

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