Dr. Campos-Juanatey shares the latest guidelines for urethral strictures

Dr. Felix Campos-Juanatey (ES), a member of the EAU Guidelines Panel for Urethral Strictures, answers questions on the diagnosis of urethral strictures and follow-up after urethral surgery.

Published Sun, 29 Jan 2023
PodcastFemale UrologyEAU GuidelinesUrethral Strictures

This podcast begins with details on what patient information is necessary to collect during an in-depth clinical interview and examination to make an accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Campos-Juanatey shares the latest guidelines on when and how to conduct regular follow-up with patients after urethral strictures, in order to detect any complications or recurrences. This includes a useful timeline from 3-months up to 5-years (or longer) depending on low risk- and high-risk patients, and the use of flow rate analysis, questionnaires and anatomical assessment.

Lastly, some information is included on how to evaluate if a urethral intervention has been successful or not, taking into account the practical and functional satisfaction of a patient.

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