Dr. Del Rio and Dr. Abu-Ghanem discuss the essentials for pursuing a fellowship

In "Episode 1" of the series on "What young urologists need to know", segment 3 covers the topic of "Pursuing academic excellence in urology". In this episode, I want to go on a fellowship: What must I know? , the essentials of pursuing a fellowship are discussed between experts Dr. Alba Sierra Del Rio (ES) and Dr. Yasmin Abu-Ghanem (GB).

Published Sun, 7 Jul 2024
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Dr. Abu-Ghanem shares her insights on the application process, the importance of choosing the right fellowship, and how to make the most of this transformative experience. Dr. Del Rio, offers a first-hand account of her personal journey, highlighting the challenges and rewards she encountered along the way.

Whether you're considering a fellowship for career advancement, research opportunities, or personal growth, this episode provides valuable advice and inspiration to help you navigate the path ahead. Join us as we explore what you need to know to embark on a successful fellowship journey.

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