Dr. Margarida Manso talks about female stress urinary incontinence

In this edition, Dr. Margarida Manso (PT), associate member of the EAU Section of Female and Functional Urology (ESFFU), discusses female stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

Published Sun, 15 Jan 2023
PodcastFemale UrologyFunctional UrologyIncontinenceEAU GuidelinesSUI
Organiser EAU
Duration Approx. 9 minutes

Dr. Manso details the physiological elements of SUI in regards to the bladder neck and urethra, as well as the urinary sphincter.

The multiple causes behind SUI are outlined, including: ageing, radiotherapy trauma and neurological disease.

Dr. Manso shares information on the different treatment options starting with conservative management (lifestyle interventions and PFMT), followed by vaginal devices and surgical interventions.

Surgical interventions discussed include bulking agents, synthetic MUS, autologous fascial slings, colposuspension and external compression devices (such as ACT and AUS).

Dr. Manso concludes with an update on vaginal lasers for SUI, which are currently not recommended as a treatment option.

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