Dr. Mertens and Prof. Montorsi discuss effective time management tailored for busy urologists: Techniques and tools

Welcome to 'Episode 4' of the series “What young urologists need to know", titled "Effective time management for busy urologists: techniques and tools”, where Prof. Francesco Montorsi (IT) and Dr. Laura Mertens (NL) discuss time management tailored specifically for busy urologists.

Published Sun, 5 May 2024
PodcastNon Medical SkillsYoung Urologists Office

Dr. Mertens and Prof. Montorsi uncover strategies essential for optimising your workflow. They share invaluable techniques and tools to help you enhance your productivity, from mastering task prioritisation to navigating distractions.

Plus, don't miss out on the interesting stories shared by Prof. Montorsi, offering both wisdom and humour from his wealth of experience.

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