Dr. Néha Sihra talks about overactive bladder syndrome in women

In this edition we have Dr. Benoît Peyronnet (FR), a Panel Member, and Dr. Néha Sihra (GB), an associate member of the EAU Guidelines Panel for female lower urinary tract symptoms, discussing overactive bladder syndrome (OAB) in women.

Published Sun, 11 Sep 2022
PodcastFunctional UrologyFemale UrologyOveractive Bladder OAB
Organiser EAU
Duration Approx. 11 minutes

Dr Sihra answers questions about what to do when evaluating an overactive bladder patient. She covers the importance of clinical history, and which type of examinations to do, as well as giving details on bladder diaries and symptom scores.

More details are given about specific dietary measures and conservative treatments for overactive bladder patients including fluid intake, weight and specific exercises.

Dr. Sihra also talks about when to use, and more importantly, when not to use, various medications. And lastly, she looks at what the alternatives are for patients who fail first line treatments.

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