Dr. Teele Kuusk shares the RCC highlights from ESMO2022

In this edition, we have Dr. Teele Kuusk (UK), the associate editor of the UROONCO RCC educational platform discussing kidney cancer highlights at the recent ESMO2022.

Published Sun, 9 Oct 2022
PodcastKidney CancerESMO 2022UROONCO RCC
Organiser EAU
Duration Approx. 5min

Dr. Kuusk begins with the reporting of several new trials and the accompanying results, which include: Phase 3 CheckMate-914, Phase 3 COSMIC-313, Phase 2 Keynote-B61, and Cohort 1 of LITESPARK-003 study.

After delivering the trial results, Dr. Kuusk shares the possible reasons why the adjuvant trials failed.

For more details on the results of the LITESPARK-003 study, you can watch this video featuring Assoc. Prof. Jaime Merchan (US), who presented at ESMO2022. https://kidney.uroonco.uroweb.org/video/cohort-1-of-litespark-003/

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