EAUN edition: Urinary incontinence - the “superunknown"

Welcome to the very first EAUN edition of EAU Podcasts. In this episode, Dr. Serena Maruccia (IT), an expert in pelvic floor rehabilitation and the treatment of urinary incontinence, is interviewed by Dr. Stefano Terzoni (IT), a researcher in Nursing at the University of Milan La Statale, and chair of the Special Interest Group on Continence of the EAUN.

Published Sun, 23 Jun 2024
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Dr. Terzoni and Dr. Maruccia have a frank, open discussion about the very common problem of incontinence and share practical solutions to help patients improve their quality of life (QOL) on a daily basis.

This EAUN (European Association of Urology Nurses) podcast is part of a series of recordings produced by the Special Interest Group on Continence.

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