ERN eUROGEN webinar: Male & femals sphincter implants

During this webinar, Prof. Van der Aa will outline the current indications for and technical aspects and results of artificial urinary sphincter implantation in both male and female patients.

Wed, 11 May 2022
Organiser ERN eUROGEN
CME To be approved
Location Online

Male stress urinary incontinence is mostly iatrogenic after radical prostatectomy and the sphincter is implanted at the bulbar urethra through open surgery. In female patients, an artificial urinary sphincter implant is reserved for severe stress urinary incontinence in the fixed “non-hypermobile” urethra and is implanted through the abdominal route.

Currently, the robotic approach seems the give advantages over the classical open approach. Technical aspects with video fragments will be shown and commented on. Results (efficacy and safety) will be discussed.

This webinar is aimed at healthcare professionals.

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