Expert panel discusses neurogenic stress urinary incontinence (N-SUI)

Professors Giulio Del Popolo and Gilles Karsenty (panel members), are joined by Dr. Stefania Musco (associate member) of the EAU Guidelines Panel for Neuro-urology, to talk about N-SUI.

Published Sun, 22 May 2022
PodcastEAU GuidelinesNeuro UrologyOn Demand Education
Organiser EAU
Duration Approx. 13 minutes

In this commentary three experts share their knowledge of neurogenic stress urinary incontinence (N-SUI); from surgical management, urodynamic evaluation, bulking agents, and other treatments, including artificial sphincter.

Prof. Giu lio Del Popolo (IT) begins with an explanation to the surgical management of N-SUI and assesses why it is considered such a challenge.

Following this, Dr. Stefania Musco (IT) reviews the importance of urodynamic in neurogenic stress urinary incontinence. Is there a place for bulking agents? And if so, in which patients?

Prof. Giulio Del Popolo analyses the use of autologous sling or synthetic mid-urethral tape for treating female neurogenic stress urinary incontinence?

Lastly, Prof. Gilles Karsenty (FR) gives his assessment on who the best candidates for artificial sphincter are.

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