Recording: Miniaturization in endoscopic procedures

In the past recent years miniaturization has come to try to decrease or avoid complications mainly in renal percutaneous surgery

Published Tue, 8 Jun 2021
Recorded WebinarUrolithiasisPCNL
Organiser European School of Urology (ESU)
CME Not approved
Duration Approx. 70 minutes

Standard PCNL is nowadays performed mostly with 24 Ch sheaths, but many other options have become “standard” depending on the surgeon. Improvement of technology allows for endourology surgeons to perform a wide range of interventions with small bore instruments, but issues like intrarenal pressure and heat arise.

To a lesser extent, also in URS there are options for miniaturization with the same aim of improving safety without compromising the outcome of surgery.

Well known endourologist will present an update on miniaturization both in adult and pediatric population.

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