Prof. Nicolas Mottet about the changes in the 2022 guidelines for prostate cancer - Part 2

In this second edition of two updates, Professor Nicolas Mottet discusses the most important changes and new recommendations in the 2022 EAU Guidelines for prostate cancer, with a focus on treatment approaches.

Published Thu, 14 Apr 2022
PodcastProstate CancerTransperineal BiopsyBiopsySystematic ReviewEAU GuidelinesEAU Guidelines Office
Organiser EAU
Duration 21 minutes

His talk includes new systematic reviews, and outlines the most important changes in the new EAU Guidelines for prostate cancer that are related to the definition of clinically localised and clinically significant prostate cancer, diagnostic evaluation, particularly transperineal biopsy. Prof. Nicolas Mottet also discusses key points relating to staging and imaging.

Professor Nicolas Mottet is the chair of the EAU Guidelines panel for prostate cancer.

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