Prof. Bonkat and Dr. Bausch discuss EAU Guidelines on genital tuberculosis

This podcast features Prof. Gernot Bonkat (CH) and Dr. Kathrin Bausch (CH) discussing the addition of a new chapter on urogenital tuberculosis to the EAU Guidelines on urological infections.

Published Sun, 30 Jul 2023
PodcastInfectionsTuberculosisEAU Guidelines Office
Organiser EAU
Duration 13 minutes

They explain that the lack of knowledge among urologists about tuberculosis, particularly genital tuberculosis, was a reason for adding the new chapter.

Tuberculosis is an ancient bacterial disease affecting not only the lungs but also other organs, including the urogenital tract. Diagnosis of urogenital tuberculosis is often delayed due to the disease's mixed and non-specific symptoms, and people may mistake it for a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Prof. Bonkat and Dr. Kathrin discuss diagnostic options specifically for bladder and kidney tuberculosis, such as urine investigations, microscopy, and PCR - which allows for faster diagnosis and resistance testing (but is not affordable for everyone).

Treatment recommendations are also discussed, as well as taking a look into the future of vaccination possibilities, and drug resistance.

Prof. Gernot Bonkat (CH) is chair of the EAU Guidelines urological infections panel and Dr. Kathrin Bausch (CH) is member of the same panel.

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