Prof. Mottet and Prof. Cornford discuss active surveillance for prostate cancer

In this podcast, EAU Prostate Cancer Guidelines Panel members Prof. Nicolas Mottet (FR) and Prof. Philip Cornford (GB), have an in-depth discussion on active surveillance in prostate cancer.

Published Sun, 4 Dec 2022
PodcastProstate CancerActive SurveillanceEAU GuidelinesPCAOncology
Organiser EAU
Duration Approx. 35 minutes

Prof. Mottet (FR) and Prof. Cornford (GB) elaborate in detail on what active surveillance is, including the difference between active surveillance and watchful waiting, which can often be mis-understood. The two experts delve into the importance of maintaining quality of life and the fact that active surveillance does not mean no treatment but is considered if the patient will benefit from it.

More information is shared on the guidelines for active surveillance in prostate cancer and how often to repeat biopsies, MRI and PSA testing. Also, vital information about who the good candidates for active surveillance are, such as Gleason 3+3, as well as candidates that it is not suitable for, and the exclusion criteria.

Lastly, Prof. Mottet and Prof. Cornford discuss the problem of compliance and look at what data is currently available.

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