Prof. Tamsin Greenwell talks about female urethral stricture disease

In this podcast, Prof. Tamsin Greenwell (GB), a panel member on the EAU Guidelines Panel for Urethral Strictures, discusses the management of female urethral stricture disease.

Published Sun, 17 Jul 2022
PodcastFemale UrologyEAU GuidelinesUrethral Strictures
Organiser EAU
Duration Approx. 10 minutes

Prof. Greenwell begins with an overview on the causes of female urethral strictures and how a diagnosis should be made. Following this she answers questions on treatment options, including what type of urethroplasty to use (dorsal and ventral), and which tissue is best for substitution.

She reports on the outcomes of female urethroplasty, and concludes with a discussion on adverse effects from tissue harvest for use in substitution urethroplasty.

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