Recording: Prostate cancer imaging: When and how to use it?

Imaging of the prostate represents today the mainstay of prostate cancer diagnosis.

Published Fri, 19 Jun 2020
Recorded WebinarProstate CancerMRIBiopsyImagingEAU Section Of Oncological Urology
Organiser European School of Urology (ESU)
CME Not approved
Duration Approx. 70 minutes

MRI is increasingly used in patients undergoing prostate cancer diagnosis and MRI targeted and randomized biopsy combined are the recommended standard before any biopsy. The course aims to provide detailed knowledge about how prostate imaging for prostate cancer diagnosis and staging should be performed in order to achieve the best results. Detailed understanding of possibilities and limitations of the currently available imaging techniques are crucial for urologists to fine-tune prostate cancer diagnosis in daily clinical practice.

The course will provide in-depth understanding of technical possibilities and limitations of prostate cancer imaging, with an emphasis on prostate MRI. Moreover, the results associated with targeted biopsies are critically assessed and discussed.

Learning objectives

Recently new imaging technologies have been developed to improve the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer. These are multiparametric MRI, PET and new ultrasound based technologies.

The course’s aim is to provide:

An overview on the currently available imaging tools for prostate cancer
Practical information about their use
A critical assessment of their clinical performance and their limitations
MRI-Prostate: Indications, readings and reporting


Dr. J. Walz, Marseille (FR)

Dr. I. Schoots, Rotterdam (NL)

Dr. G. Villeirs, Gent (BE)

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