Solidarity Forum for Ukrainian Courage!

Welcome to the “Forum of Solidarity for Ukrainian courage” 2022!

The first and only dedicated International forum in the context of support Ukrainian People and Doctors with a focus on bringing together exclusive frontiers in reproductive endocrynology and genetics.

Sat, 1 Oct - Sun, 2 Oct 2022
Organiser MC ReproLife
Location Online

Our meeting will bring together high-level specialists and established researchers from different corners of the world to elucidate their recent achievements in accuracy of stimulation strategies, endometrial receptivity issues, endometriosis treatment, embryonic development estimation and Artificial Intelligence impact on the IVF results and many others to share their insights on future development in the field.

Our Forum aim is to presents the latest knowledge on various topics (gynecological endocrinorogy, reproductive genetics and AI application in embryolab), including specialty sessions, challenging state-of-the-art lectures and case debates). This is a great opportunity to learn about the incredible research and technological advances that are happening in reproductive medicine right now and how this will or already is impacting human fertility treatment across the world.

The Forum of Solidarity for Ukrainians will take place on the 1st – 2nd October 2022, and places for our scientific meeting are now available. You can be a part of our great event directly, by visiting our Registration page now and participation are granted.

With Forum of Solidarity to Ukrainian Courage we emphasise on the applying the most up-to-date technologies and innovate instruments for gaining regard we will share our insights on novel aspects of preconception, preimplantion research and prenatal diagnostics potential. We are all inspired to share knowledge in this uncertain time for our country, for Ukraine, and obviously for the entire World. We believe that we can elaborate new approaches and explore new aspects of human fertility all together therefore contribute to reproductive medicine development.

Contact our organiser

MC ReproLife

Phone:  +38 093 114 57 10