Special series: Dr. Rai and Dr. Kamphuis talk about preparing and keeping your CV updated

In 'Episode 2' of the series on "What young urologists need to know," segment 1 covers the topic of "Navigating the transition from residency to professional urology practise." Dr. Bhavan Prasad Rai (GB) and Dr. Guido Kamphuis (NL) delve into the aspects of preparing and maintaining an effective CV.

Published Sun, 3 Dec 2023
PodcastYoung UrologistsNon Medical Skills

Dr. Rai and Dr. Kamphuis talk about how your CV should highlight relevant experiences and achievements, exploring the key elements that make a standout CV in the competitive field of urology. They emphasise the importance of tailoring your CV to reflect your career aspirations, including research, clinical, and academic pursuits specific to urology.

Additionally, Dr. Rai and Dr. Kamphuis touch upon the significance of regularly updating your CV to reflect ongoing professional development, certifications, and new skills in this rapidly evolving field.

Tune in for expert insights and practical tips that will help young urologists present themselves effectively on paper and pave the way for a successful career trajectory.

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