Surgical complications: An update from Prof. Kutikov on RPN risks

In this podcast, Dr. Maria Carmen Mir Maresma (ES), chief editor of the UROONCO RCC editorial board talks to key opinion leader Prof. Alexander Kutikov (US) from Fox Chase Cancer Centre, Philadelphia.

Published Sun, 14 May 2023
PodcastKidney CancerOncologyArtificial IntelligenceRobotic Partial NephrectomyAUA 2023

Prof. Kutikov shares details from his recent AUA2023 presentation in Chicago on the surgical complications associated with robotic partial nephrectomy (RPN). He discusses the four major categories of complications of RPN which include vascular complications (haemorrhage, renal AV fistula/renal artery pseudoaneurysm), urine leak, injury to surrounding structures, and non-RO resection.

As one of the pioneers on complexity measurements for renal masses, Prof. Kutikov talks about the evolution of new technologies and how that will correlate with complications assessment. He concludes with an update on machine learning and his opinion on how artificial intelligence will assist in preventing surgical complications during RPN.

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