E-course: Advanced robotic ureteral reconstruction

In this e-course, join the experts as they discuss robotic reconstructive urology, a field with a dynamic and rapidly changing landscape.

Published Tue, 16 Jan 2024
E CourseReconstructive UrologyTechnology
Organiser European School of Urology (ESU)
CME 1.00
Duration Approx. 75 minutes

Robotic reconstructive urology is a field with a dynamic and rapidly changing landscape. Notable examples of where robotic reconstruction is applied are ureteral injuries, which primarily have an iatrogenic origin and often require operative revision. In this e-course, the experts will discuss ureteral reconstructive techniques, concentrating on the location and length of the stricture, as well as whether it is in the distal or proximal ureter.


  • Prof. N.M. Buffi (IT)
  • Prof. A. Breda (ES)
  • Prof. P. Wiklund (SE)
  • Prof. Dr. H. John (CH)
  • Dr. P. Diana (ES)

This e-course is brought to you in collaboration with ERUS.

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