Follow up of patients with urolithiasis

Dr. Robert Geraghty (UK)

Dr. Riccardo Lombardo (IT)

Prof. Andreas Skolarikos (GR)

Prof. Bhaskar Somani (UK)

Dr. Lazaros Tzelves (GR)

Published Sat, 9 Jul 2022
E CourseUrolithiasisEauguidelinesEAU Guidelines Office
Organiser European School of Urology
CME 1 CME point
Duration 75 minutes

Urolithiasis patients can require special care once their initial treatment ends. In this UROwebinar, several international experts highlight several considerations that urologists should take into account. This includes follow-up of small, asymptomatic renal stones, the question of when to discharge patients after definitive treatment, frequency of follow-up appointments, and the role that imaging can play in paediatric urolithiasis cases. This UROwebinar will take approximately one hour and features an opportunity for participants to get involved with a Q&A.

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