UROwebinar: How to get the best from your modern endourological armamentarium

Join us for this new UROwebinar, organised by the European School of Urology (ESU) in collaboration with the Young Academic Urologists. The advancements in Endourology will be discussed, including cutting-edge technologies like ultra-thin ureteroscopes, powerful lasers, and Artificial Intelligence, while also addressing doubts, offering tips for challenging cases, and providing basic training.
Tue, 18 Jun 2024
WebinarEndourologyArtificial IntelligenceEAU Education Office ESU
Organiser European School of Urology
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Location Online

The field of endourology is evolving fast due to exciting technological advancements. The era of minimally invasive surgery could not be more productive. New on the market, we now have ultra-thin ureteroscopes and access sheaths with integrated suction capability and powerful but incredibly precise lasers. All are made even more intuitive and efficient thanks to the advent of Artificial Intelligence.

This UROwebinar will address uncertainties regarding new technologies in stones and tissue treatment. The experts, who comprise the faculty, will provide tips and tricks for difficult cases but also offer basic training advice for who want to start in the field. This UROwebinar is unmissable!


Dr. E. Ventimiglia (IT)
Dr. T.E. Şener (TR)
Dr. A. Pietropaolo (GB)
Prof. B. Somani (GB)

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European School of Urology

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