Renal Cancer

The European Association of Urology has recently supported the development of expert groups of young academic urologists with the purpose of boosting research activity in some critical areas of urology and improving academic collaboration among different centres in Europe. The expert groups aim at scientific cooperation and manuscript preparation, study design or other scientific output.

Approximately 270,000 new cases of kidney cancer are currently diagnosed each year worldwide. In 2008, about 

88,400 new cases of kidney cancer occurred in Europe, making it the 10th most common cancer in Europe.

Renal cancer working party’s goal

  • Effective international collaboration with the aim at developing high-quality multicenter projects
  • Validation of existing stratification and staging tools in Renal Cell Carcinoma and development of new risk models and nomograms
  • Support of Guidelines section; guidelines review for identification of missing evidence and generation of new evidence

Projects and plans for the future

Finalized projects:

  • Risk score development for prediction of late recurrences after (partial) nephrectomy – S. Brookman-May, V. Ficarra, S. Shariat
  • Time to recurrence as prognostic parameter for CSS in patients with recurrent RCC after surgery – S. Brookman-May, V. Ficarra, S. Shariat
  • Development of a risk model for Duct Bellini Carcinomas (CORONA database) – S. Brookman-May
  • Evaluation of the prognostic influence of chromophobe subtype in RCC – S. Brookman-May, all members
  • Evaluation of the prognostic influence of sarcomatoid dedifferentiation in RCC – S. Brookman-May, all members
  • Review Article on current treatment options in RCC (Minerva Medica) – S. Brookman-May, B. Akdogan, H. Langenhuijsen, M. Marszalek, A. Minervini, O. Rodriguez-Faba, M. Roscigno, M. Salgierski, A. Volpe, A. Vandromme
  • Editorial on RFA for European Urology (BJU Int) – M. Salagierski, S. Joniau, all members
  • Editorial on Carboanhydrase IX (BJU Int) – S. Brookman-May, S. Joniau, all members
  • Review of EAU guidelines – M. Marszalek, O. Rodriguez-Faba, support: S. Brookman-May.

Ongoing projects:

  • Validation of the current TNM classification – M. Roscigno, S. Brokman-May (in preparation)
  • Database for assessment of long-term outcomes of RFA for small renal masses – M. Salagierski, A. Volpe, A. Vandrome, O. Rodriguez-Faba (project has started)
  • Collaborative Review on standard operating procedures for percutaneous biopsy of renal tumours – A. Volpe, H. Langenhuijsen, M. Salagierski (in preparation)
  • Development of prospective RCC databases: RECORd2 and CORONA II – S. Brookman-May, T. Klatte, A. Minervini, A. Volpe, M. Roscigno (in development)
  • Editorial on renal mass biopsy – A. Volpe, M. Salagierski (in preparation)
  • Assessment of the prognostic value of size and different invasion patterns in stage pT2/3 RCC (CORONA I database) – S. Brookman-May, all members (manuscript in preparation)
  • Evaluation of eligibility of renal cancer patients for adjuvant treatment (CORONA I database) –S. Brookman-May (Manuscript in preparation)
  • Multicenter assessment of the prognostic role of papillary subtype – S. Brookman-May, T. Klatte (data collection and update)
  • Database development for complications after nephron sparing surgery and renal injury – O. Rodriguez-Faba, A. Vandrome, all members (project in preparation; data collecting ongoing)
  • Development of patient information for diagnosis and treatment of renal cancer – M. Marszalek, A. Volpe, B. Akdogan, S. Brookman-May (first draft finished)
  • Review of EAU Renal Cancer guidelines – M. Marszalek, O. Rodriguez-Faba, A. Minervini, F. Sanguedolce, support: S. Brookman-May (project will start soon)

YAU Working Group Renal Cell Carcinoma

R. Campi

Florence (IT)

D. Amparore

Turin (IT)

R.G. Bertolo

Torino (IT)

S. Erdem

Istanbul (TR)

A. Ingels

Creteil (FR)

Ö. Kara

Ankara (TR)

M.C. Kriegmair

Mannheim (DE)

N. Pavan

Trieste (IT)

E. Roussel

Brugge (BE)

U. Carbonara

Triggiano (IT)

C.H.J. Muselaers

Heilig Landstichting (NL)

A. Pecoraro

Orbassano (IT)