Testicular Cancer

For the 2022 Testicular Cancer Guidelines, new references have been added throughout the document. Key changes in this publication include:

  • The chapter on stromal tumours has been re-structured and revised under a new heading: “Rare adult para- and testicular tumours” 
  • All the chapters have been reviewed and actualized 
  • Summaries of evidence have been added throughout the text;
  • Old citations have been refreshed and replaced with newer references;
  • A number of articles identified after the scope search cut-off date have been included as they contain important information pertaining to guidelines recommendations;
  • Supporting text and recommendations across the guideline have been rephrased and revised;
  • The recent re-validation of the 1997 International Germ Cell Cancer Collaborative Group (IGCCCG) prognostic risk-factor based system for metastatic testicular Germ cell tumours in patients treated with cisplatin-etoposide as first-line chemotherapy has been included in the text replacing the old version with the corresponding references;  
  • New recommendations and supporting text regarding VTE prophylaxis in males with metastatic germ cell tumours (GCTs) receiving chemotherapy have been added.