History Office

The research by the History Office and its many contributors is published in a variety of resources: the EAU’s online channels, European Urology Today and its social media presence.

The History Office also preserves the history of urology quite literally through its Historical Collection. By purchasing historical artifacts or receiving them as donations, the history of the field is kept safe and accessible for future generations.

Historical Book Collection

For every Annual EAU Congress the History Office publishes a volume of the long-running De Historia Urologiae Europaeae, it hosts an historical exhibition and holds a special scientific session on the history of urology. The History Office also regularly publishes unique books on specific historical or cultural topics.

European Museum of History

The online-only European Museum of Urology represents a new frontier for the telling of urological history. The Museum has the mission of bringing together urological instruments and other artefacts from collections all across Europe, and presenting them together in a single online, European collection.