Call for applicants for the position of Editor-in-Chief of European Urology Oncology

The European Association of Urology (EAU) is calling upon its membership for applicants for the position of Editor-in-Chief of European Urology Oncology.

Wed, 11 Jan 2023
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European Urology Oncology has been published since 2018 and belongs to the family Journals of the European Association of Urology (EAU). It is a sister journal to European Urology, European Urology Focus, European Urology Open Science and European Urology Supplements. European Urology Oncology has a current impact factor of 8.512 and is one the leading Journals among those focused on the treatment of genito-urinary malignancies.

European Urology Oncology publishes peer-reviewed original articles, opinion piece editorials and topical reviews on a wide range of issues relating to urological cancers.

The journal is a digital publication with 6 issues per annum. The editorial team welcomes basic and translational articles in these fields from authors within and beyond Europe. Authors may be solicited by the Editorial team directly, may submit their work directly to European Urology Oncology or be invited to submit work following internal or external review by European Urology. All submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed by a panel of experts before being considered for publication.

The Editor in Chief oversees the day to day running of European Urology Oncology, builds the editorial team for this journal. He/she is ultimately responsible for content published in the journal and can set the agenda within the field. The post involves daily contact with the editorial management team and the successful applicant needs to have clear vision about the future of journal and be an excellent communicator.


  • Urologist and Active EAU member based in Europe;
  • Track record as a journal Editor or Associate/Assistant/similar role;
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills;
  • Broad knowledge of and interest in the clinical, research and practice aspects of urological oncology;
  • Previous editorial experience relating to the European Urology group of journals is desirable;
  • Awareness of current trends within the specialty;
  • Excellent writing and verbal skills;
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines;
  • Proficient in the use of the latest electronic technology (EES system) to expedite review and publication of submitted manuscripts.

Position description and roles

a) Peer review

  • Oversee and handle the manuscript pipeline. This commitment takes time nearly every single day of the year.
  • Provide oversight for the content of European Urology Oncology, ensuring that published papers reflect the full scope of urological oncology practice.
  • Encourage the submission of manuscripts that reflect the highest scientific standards and highlight the latest advances in the specialty.
  • Arrange for contributions to be peer-reviewed by appropriately qualified reviewers.
  • Communicate with authors in response to the reviewers’ reports and editorial comments.
  • Ensure the following:
    • that copy is original and has not been published elsewhere
    • that copy is not defamatory or otherwise unlawful
    • that copy is available for publication in the Journal without restrictions
  • Personally accept or reject all contributions to the Journal; determine which manuscripts are to be published in each issue, determine their order and give final approval for publication.
  • Provide the material to the publisher in accordance with the production schedule and ensure that this is complete with all graphics, illustrations, and tabular matter and in accordance with the guidelines provided in the “instructions to authors”.

b) Editorial policy and standards

  • Set editorial policy to ensure that European Urology Oncology remains a Journal leader in the field of GU cancers.
  • Define and defend publishing standards. Ensure brand strength through quality and rigor.
  • Understand the need for equality and inclusivity, and have ideas that broaden diversity amongst the editorial team members.
  • Review and approve advertisements appearing in the Journal to ensure they comply with regulatory standards.
  • Work with Elsevier, the European Urology Oncology Associate, and consulting Editors and Editorial Board, Reviewers, the EAU Executive Committee, and the Editorial Office Staff to ensure the Journal fulfills its goals and objectives and remains useful and relevant to the EAU members and subscribers.
  • Propose and renew Associate Editors and consulting editors for an agreed-upon term and ensure the Board’s composition is sufficiently broad in scope to provide appropriate advice to the Editor-in-Chief, in agreement with the EAU Executive.

c) Vision

  • Provide the vision and leadership to ensure that European Urology Oncology remains one of the leading scientific journals in the field of urological oncology.
  • Organise and chair the Editorial Board meetings.
  • Maintain or improve the Impact Factor and position of the Journal relative to competing journals.
  • Understand and build metrics of success beyond the Impact Factor.
  • Develop new initiatives to keep European Urology Oncology at the forefront of Urological oncology research and technology.

d) Team working and communication

  • Lead the editorial group in close liaison with the editors of European Urology, European Urology Focus, and European Urology Open Access.
  • Discuss and maintain the annual budget for the Journal together with the EAU Executive Committee and the Publisher.
  • Recommend to the EAU Executive Committee any additional resources that may be required to maintain an effective publishing process.
  • Attend several urological meetings per year among which the EAU, AUA, and GU-ASCO to be informed about the latest developments in urology in Europe as well as the United States.

Candidates should:

  • Present a strategy for European Urology Oncology. This should focus on:
    • Maintaining content quality and scientific rigor
    • Broadening the readership and addressing the needs of our specialty
    • Measures for demonstrating the reach of the journal beyond the Impact Factor
    • Measure to improve diversity, equality and inclusivity among the editorial team
  • be proficient in scientific English;
  • have a successful track record of scientific writing;
  • have proven managerial experience;
  • have experience in an editorial role;
  • recognize the need for every single day of the year check of the journal website;
  • agree with the purpose and mission of the EAU;
  • be an Active member of the Association, based in Europe;
  • have a view on the Key Performance Indices of the main journal for the next few years (the proposed KPIs should also be reflective of what the EAU cares about the most);
  • have a view on the role of the Journal in furthering the purpose and mission of the EAU;
  • show independence in the selection of manuscripts of authors or working groups in terms of their gender, country of origin, religion, age, social and ethnic backgrounds;
  • show understanding of the need for transparent editorial processes that mitigate the potential for bias in acceptance of publications in favour of manuscript submissions by authors from the institutions, research groups, and nationalities of members of the editorial team.

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Individuals wishing to apply must submit:

  • A Curriculum Vitae along with a personal Statement of Interest indicating their understanding of the position, detailing all relevant experience.
  • Provide a current Disclosure/Conflict of Interest Statement.
  • Send a 3 to 5 year plan on how they see the future/next coming years of the Journal. Please discuss how you would:
    • Maintain content quality and scientific rigor;
    • Broaden the readership and addressing the needs of our specialty;
    • Incorporate measures that demonstrate the reach of the journal beyond the Impact Factor;
    • Implement strategies that improve diversity, equality and inclusivity amongst the editorial team.

These documents should be forwarded to the EAU Executive Committee via before February 1st, 2023.

The EAU Executive Committee will review all applications and select possible candidates for an interview in February 2023 and it is expected that the position can be announced at the EAU Congress in Milan, March 10-13, 2023.

The new Editor-in-Chief European Urology Oncology will be in place officially by June 2023 preceded by a transition period in consultation with the current Editor-in-Chief.

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