Call for Applications: €4,000 grant for research in renal transplantation

Thu, 18 Jan 2018

The EAU Section of Transplantation Urology (ESTU) will award a €4,000 grant to support the research and projects in the field of renal transplantation.

Through this Call for Applications, the ESTU aims to promote basic, clinical and translational research initiatives in the field; and to stimulate promising urologists to expand their scientific research.

The main goal of the ESTU is to bring together the highly-experienced in renal transplantation and the junior urologists who are interested in this challenging and rewarding field. The Section believes that renal transplantation cannot be performed optimally without urologists nowadays.

RequirementsTo be eligible for this application, the first and last authors of the project should be active EAU Members. The project must be completed within 12 months as the project results are expected to be presented at the upcoming ESTU/EAU meeting in Copenhagen.

Participating projects will be evaluated by a jury of esteemed experts in the field of kidney transplantation and/or academic urology and research who are namely Prof. Dr. Kurt Dreikorn (DE), Prof. Arnaldo José Figueiredo (PT), Prof. Enrique Lledó García (ES), Prof. Vincenzo Mirone (IT), Prof. Remigio Vela Navarrete (ES), and Prof. Francisco Javier Burgos Revilla (ES).

Applicants will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  1. Originality (0-10)
  2. Scientific relevance (0-10)
  3. Adequacy of the project execution plan for the proposed objectives (0-5)
  4. Quality and clarity of project presentation (0-5)
  5. Feasibility of the project based on the budget and period of execution (0-5)
  6. General classification (0-10)

Please note that jury is sovereign, acting in full autonomy and may decide not to award the grant.

How to applyApplicants are requested to submit two (2) documents. The first document should state the project details and description, and the second document should contain the contact information and CV of the applicant. For more information, please see Application ESTU Grant 2018.

Kindly submit the documents before the deadline 12 March 2018. All applications should be sent via email to to the attention of Chairman of the ESTU Board, Prof. Enrique Lledó García.